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FreshGround discusses your enterprise in all areas of the mobility management. We accompany our customers on the first orientation visit in our region in and discuss with them extensively on life in their new native country. Besides, transfer and integration in the new sphere are tailored individually to the needs of our customers.

We have summarized the fundamental requirements inherent in a relocation in to helpful packages relevant to each aspect of the move. Because every relocated employee will have varying requirements we are able to adapt and tailor our services to these needs. In addition to the basic necessities, we can, in addition, provide other services.

Our FreshGround-packages are all bookable for the "single" or "family" rate.

FreshGround functions using the modular design principle. Like building-blocks, all our services are interchangeable and function individually or together. Each is bookable from our Services Catalogue, the "blocks" being chosen to suit you.
We guarantee a clear cost transparency and should one service from a package not be required, it will be removed.

Ask for a free, non-binding quote or make an appointment to meet with us!


FreshGround not only offers the usual services provided by other Relocation-agencies, but will deliver an above-average service.

Therefore, with every package reservation, free support is offered three months after the winding up of the last function. Within this time our Help-Desk will be available to assist with any questions and problems arising, and can be reached by telephone or e-mail even outside of office hours! In cases of extreme urgency, a personal service can be provided.

Of course, all our packages offer a “Form-filling” service where assistance is available for translation and the completion of documentation, if required.


To every Expatriate a personal adviser who will look after him during whole Relocation-phase is provided. We guarantee that our advisers stay in direct and continual contact with the personnel department, employees and their families!